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In the Battle of Angels It’s a God Thing 

Jerome Otto Lill was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 18, 1954. He was the son of Otto and Anne Lill. Jerome's three siblings, Gregory, Michael and Joanne were raised in the suburbs of Beverly Hills and Birmingham, Michigan. Throughout his childhood, he dealt with an alcoholic-abusive father in a home of constant turmoil and dysfunctional relationships. Losing both his father and best friend to alcohol-related, premature death and tragedy, Jerome soon took to the streets at the age of just 14. Working as a roadie for such Detroit rock groups as the MC5, Iggy and The Stooges, Bob Seger and Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, Jerome soon became involved in the drug trade, locally and, eventually, internationally; smuggling marijuana. Being introduced to alcohol at the early age of six, Jerome spent 62 of the next 66 years battling substance abuse in the form of alcoholism and other substance abuse, along with long bouts of depression and suicide attempts. This all ultimately led to a major airplane crash of a pot-laden DC6, with 26,000 pounds of Colombian marijuana, nearly losing his life. In this book, Jerome describes his journey to his ultimate faith in God, and respect for his fellow man, forgiveness and redemption through God and prayer. Jerome currently lives in Waterford, Michigan.

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“I surely did not plan to finish my book during the ‘pandammit,’ my name for the COVID-19 pandemic. This is now a Battle of Angels! If you’re bad, get good! If you’re good, get better! The hatred and evil is far more dangerous than any virus! Loss of old friendships and anger can destroy more than COVID ever could. The stories I tell you are the stories of lifestyles of the dumb and dangerous. And that’s exactly how we as humans are now acting. Please pay attention and pray for others - not just for yourself.           I would like to thank the following people      for helping to make this book possible: First, more than anyone else, I want to thank God for showing me the path to redemption and sobriety. And I want to thank all of my ‘Fallen Angels,’ without whom I might not be here today.Special thanks to my brother Greg, for sharing his strength with me. I couldn’t have done this without you Greg.Thanks to Norm Lyle for helping me with the design and production of this book, and the valuable counsel he has given me throughout this process, and for putting up with me when I was a fucking drunk.And thanks to Andrea Doherty, my executive editor; Ben Rose for helping me with the original audio for the book, and for helping me get started. My sister Joanne for always being there.My vascular surgeon, Steven Silver for saving my limbs and my life.Glen Heidrich, for letting me stay at his house while I was wrapped up with this book.And extra special thanks to my good friend and mentor, Lawrence Otto Heidrich. RIP Larry. Thanks.” Jerome Lill

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Jerome also has a line of children's books with images on each page to be colored in. The first will be Roadie the Rabbit "Down on the Street with an Angel". Jerome's spiritually children's books are true stories and are set to be released soon.

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For Publishing Information please contact West Virginia Book Company 304-342-1848

1125 central avenue Charleston, WV 25302 

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